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Calibration of Instruments

As early as in the 1980s, Driesen+Kern GmbH had their calibration laboratory setup for humidity and temperature. Over the years it has been expanded for many parameters.

Parameters in Air:
Air Velocity
Volumetric Flow
Differential Pressure
Absolute and baromtric pressure
Carbondioxide (CO2)
Carbonmonoxide (CO)

Since 2012 we are a certified service provider for TSI which means we can calibrate TSI and Airflow instruments and beyond that also perform adjustments and repairs.

Our calibration laboratory also allows for calibration of water parameters or electric variables.
Just like with the climate parameters we do not limit ourselves to products of D+K but can also offer service for products of third party manufactuers.

Dissolved Oxygen
Water Level (Pressure)
Electrical Parameter (Current, Voltage, Resistance etc.)

What kind of instruments can be calibrated in the DK calibration lab?

Humidity calibration We perform the calibration of your humidity instrument! This can be done in a climate cabinet or with reference solutions, giving utmost accuracy and reliability.

Temperature calibration We perform the calibration of your temperature instrument! This includes sensors, probes, transducers, hand-held indicators, glass thermometers and strain gauges can be calibrated. Dry block and oil bath calibration are available.

CO2 Calibration Calibration and adjusting of CO2 hand-held instruments, sensors and transducers can be performed in the DK calibration laboratory.

Velocity Calibration Calibrating instruments for air velocity and volumetric flow is conducted in our wind tunnel. Flow rates up to 40m/s and volumetric flow rates up to 3500m³/h can be generated and thus tested.

Pressure Calibration Manometer, Hand-held Instruments, Pressure Sensors, Pressure Transducers, Level Probes, Barometers and many more can be calibrated in our calibration laboratory with pressure calibrators and pressure compensators.

Download our Calibration Service Brochure here.
Download a Sample Certificate of Calibration here
Extra Services  
You would like to be informed in time when your instrument is due for calibration? We offer you a reminder enabling you to perfectly plan your calibration service.
You would like to have your instrument calibrated but need an immediate replacement during calibration? No worries! Should you require a well calibrated instrument during servicing we can offer you a replacement for hire at an all-inclusive price.
You would like to have a DAkks/ISO17025 calibration for your instruments? Calibrating your instruments is performed in accordance with ISO standards. All certficiates issued by us are traceable to national or international standards. Out testing equipment itself has been calibrated in a DAkks approved laboratory. Should you require a DAkks calibration we can offer this as well with our partner-laboratories.

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