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Driesen + Kern GmbH

Corporate Profile of Driesen+Kern GmbH

Industrial building in Bad Bramstedt

With 800qm commercial premises and a lot of land about 4000qm we are still able to grow.

Driesen + Kern was founded in 1977 by Hans-Hermann Driesen and Helmut Kern as a distributor for measuring instruments. In due consideration of customer wishes the company focused on developing, manufacturing and bringing their own products to market more and more.
Driesen + Kern invested in technologies for the miniaturization of measuring instruments and memoery systems as well as an industrial building in Bad Bramstedt.
A calibration laboratory with a wind tunnel, humidity generator, liquid comparison baths, pressure calibrators and voltage/current calibrators allows the company to provide fast and efficient service to our customers.

In January 1996 Driesen + Kern GmbH established a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 [405 KB] which was upgraded in 2002 with regard to the new standard DIN EN 9001:2000.

Trained engineers and service technicians ensure comprehensive customer service before, during and after your purchase.

Quality and reliability are a crucial characteristic of our miniaturized and compact measuring instruments. Thus, no product leaves our facilities without 100% quality control which provides security for the customer and creates confidence in our company and our instruments.

Die Bonding Facilities

Bonding of bare dice in our DesignCenter.

Customers desired ever smaller and more powerful measuring and data logging systems. As a result, this led to the use of microsystems technology, especially in the field of integrated circuit packaging.
The company's capacity was expanded by commissioning SMT placement machines.


To some extent, we develop and manufacture our own sensors which are not available in the market in the required size or reliability. During our manufacturing process quality assurance is paramount, which is why we try to identify and eliminate even the smallest possible causes for defects with inspection microscopes.

Deadweight Tester for Pressure Calibration

Bei der Konzeption unserer Geräte erstrecken sich die Funktionen von der Planung über die Erstellung von Platinen- Layouts bis hin zur vollständigen Fertigung. Mit Kalibrationseinrichtungen für die jeweiligen physikalischen Meßgrößen werden die Meßgeräte im eigenen Labor kalibriert.
The development of our products includes designing PCBs, realizing them as a board assembly and manufacturing the final product. Before delivery, our instruments are calibrated for their respective measurement category at our calibration laboratory.

Over the years Driesen + Kern GmbH has become an important business partner for companies from almost all commercial and industrial sectors.

Market segments

Chemical industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Aircraft industry
Automotive industry
Research and science
Marine engineering
Water research

Business philosophy

"Driesen + Kern GmbH is an owner managed company with strong customer orientation. We provide safe and reliable products specifically designed for their intended application, and offer quick and efficient customer support.
In addition to our own developed and manufactured products, we will continue to offer a complementary product range in order to provide our customers with the best solution for their measurement task."

Oliver Driesen
(Managing director)