Differential- & Absolute Pressure

datalogger and transmitter

Pressure Loggers

The P-Log3023 pressure logger is capable of measuring pressure and temperature in gaseous aqueous media. It can be delivered with measurement ranges between 100 and 70,000 kPA, both for absolute pressure and gauge pressure.

The high-precision temperature measurement of the P-Log is used for an accurate temperature compensation ensuring the accuracy of pressure measurements.

Compact and Robust Design
The robust stainless steel housing incorporates both the sensors for temperature and pressure, the battery and the memory card. The P-Log3023 benefits from small dimensions (d=25mm, l=215mm) and is protected against water jets according to IP65.
For direct process integration there are several screw threads available. E. g. 1/4" BSP, 1/8" NPT, 1/4" NPT and 7/16 UNF.

Autonomous Operation for Long-term Measurements
Up to 4 million readings at 16bit resolution can be saved to the data logger's non-volatile memory.
It is powered by a lithium battery which can be easily changed by the user. Thanks to its low current consumption the P-Log3023 can operate up to a year with only one battery.
Controlling and configuring (interval, parameters, start, download, graphical analysis) can be done with the InfraLog for Windows software.

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