Differential- & Absolute Pressure

datalogger and transmitter

DKP1010 Transmitter Differential Pressure+Humidity

The DKP1010 is a differential pressure transmitter for sophisticated applications with high accuracy. Several ranges are available starting from +/-20Pa to 0..2000hPa.

The differential pressure transmitter has a number of up to 4 analogue outputs (0-1V, 0-5V, 0-10V or (0)4..20mA) as well as a USB port to configure the unit according to your demands. This includes velocity or flow rate calculations, ranges outputs and more. Further options are a RS232-Port, LC-Display and alarm output.

Differential pressure sensor with humidity and temperature

The DKP1010 can be equipped with a couple of additional sensors, making the differential pressure transmitter the ideal tool for HVAC- and industrial applications.

With the additional thermocouple input, you may for use example pitot-tubes with integrated thermocouple sensors, for direct temperature compensation of any velocity or flow reading.
With the optional temperature and humidity sensor (remote cable or fixed) you may get utmost information with just one transmitter!

We also supply a wide range of pitot tubes to use with differential pressure transmitters, dataloggers and hand-held instruments.

Typical Applications

  • Clean rooms
  • Fume hoods
  • Filter monitoring
  • Testing benches

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