Differential- & Absolute Pressure

datalogger and transmitter

Differential Pressure Transducers

We offer differential pressure transducers/transmitters with digital and analog outputs. These microprocessor-controlled devices have a high accuracy and long-term stability and are rather versatile.
In addition to regular measurement ranges for HVAC applications we offer models for lower ranges (<10Pa) e. g. for clean rooms, operating rooms etc.
Also pitot tubes can be connected to the differential pressure transducers making measurements of air velocity and volumetric flow possible.
Each differential pressure transducer is available with a digital display and a certificate of calibration. Please don't hesitate to contact us!

DKP900 Transmitter for Differential Pressure Differential pressure transducer for HVAC applications, low cost, selectable ranges and output signal via dip switches. Ranges from 0..1000Pa or 0...10000Pa, Three wire/two-wire 4..20mA output or 0..10V

Differential pressure sensor with humidity and temperature

DKP1010 Transmitter Differential Pressure+Humidity Differential pressure transmitter with analogue and digital output. Air Velocity and flow calculation. Optional humidity and temperature sensor. Wall mount or remote probe. LCD optional. Free configurable via USB port.