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Humidity and Temperature Sensors

Combined humidity / temperature sensors by Driesen+Kern GmbH provide a calibrated, digital or analog output signal.
All sensors are based on a capacitive measuring principle. They stand out due to their high accuracy, low system-costs, high usability and excellent long-term stability. In addition to its low power consumption and small dimensions (probes as small as 4mm!), the humidity / temperature sensor features a quick response time and good resistance to chemicals.
Choose the sensor best suited for your application from our six models: DKRF4001, DKRF4002, SHT75DK, DKRF310, DKRF300-0835, DKRF300).

Driesen + Kern GmbH also offers customized solutions - challenge us!

SHT75DK Humidity and Temperature Sensor Calibrated, high-precision humidity and temperature sensor in plug-in design. Accuracy (+/-1.8%, 0.3°C). Sealing ring as mounting solution.

DKRF300 Humidity Probe, two-wire digital Digital output as with the SHTxx sensor!

DKRF310XXS Humidity Sensor This miniaturized humidity sensor has a diameter of only 4mm!

Micro-Module for Humidity, w. Analog Output Micro-module for humidity and temperature, with analog output 0..1/0..5/0..10VDC

Micro-Module for Humidity, w. RS232 Interface Provides humidity and temperature measurements through an RS232 interface.


More Humidity Probes, Transmitters

High-Precision Humidity/Temperature-Transmitter Accurate humidity Transmitter with analogue and digital output, fast response, high humidity, flexible probes

Industrial Humidity Transmitter Industrial Humidity Probe Series DKRF470 for demanding applications, wall, duct and cable versions.

Humidity Probe for Rough Conditions Sensor with Analog/Digital Outputs, tolerates temporary condensation

DKRF400 Humidity Probe with Analog Output Small humidity and temperature probe (D=8mm, L=100mm) with two analogue outputs. Interchangeable sensor.

Humidity Probe w. RS232/RS485/USB Interface Humidity and Temperature Probe with Modbus-, USB-, RS485-, RS232- output. Small probe with interchangeable sensor.

Flush-Mounting Probe for Humidity, Temp., CO2, Lux Flush Mounting Transmitter - Best Choice for Libraries, Schools, Conference Rooms and Residential Buildings

Flush-Mount transmitter for Humidity & Temperature DKRF420 Humidity Transmitter, flush mount

Humidity Transmitter with Extra Thin Probe (d=4mm) Miniaturized humidity and temperature probe for confined spaces. With analogue and digital output

Humidity Probe for Compressed Air up to 30 bar Miniaturized probe for compressed air. M8 screw thread, with analog outputs

Low-Cost Humidity/Temperature Probe DKRF4050 and DKRF4060 - Well Priced and with Compact Design

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