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Calibrate your humidity sensor

humidity calibration chamber

calibration chamber

Driesen+Kern GmbH offers two Calibration Kits for humidity. The MHT Series Humidity Checks allow you to test and calibrate a variety of humidity measuring instruments such as probes, hand-held instruments or transducers.
The Humidity Check contains a saturated salt solution which maintains an equilibrium humidity within the cartridges for every salt solution.
The equilibrium humidity of each salt solution has been agreed upon in international interlaboratory comparison. Using different salts it is possible to manufacture reference cartridges for the entire measurement range of 0...100%RH.

Independent of Orientation

The MHT Humidity Checks were designed to be used in the field as well as in laboratories. They are small, handy and can operate in any position. This allows you to calibrate humidity probes without removing them from their respective facilities.
The carrying case contains up to 6 Humidity Checks and ensures nonyielding, thermally insulated calibration.

Calibration Lab for Humidity and Temperature


We also offer calibration of your humidity measuring instruments in our calibration laboratory. Click here to learn more about our calibration services.