Data Loggers | Humidity Sensors | Temp. Sensors

Humidity and Temperature Sensors, Transducers, Data Loggers, Hand-held Instruments

Versatile Data Loggers Versatile Datalogger with 1-32 input channels. Internal sensors and external probes. Analog / Digital Signals and Temperature, Humdity, CO2, Barometric pressure.

Differential Pressure - logger and sensors Sensors, Transducers, Transmitters and dataloggers for Differential & Absolute Pressure

Barometer, Hygrometer, Thermometer Robust Loggers and Sensors for Barometric Pressure

Pressure Loggers for Absolute Pressure Robust datalogger for pressure and temperature. For pipe networks, water and gas installation, with LCD display, for long-term monitoring

Waterlevel, Waterquality - Loggers and Probes Datalogger and Sensors/Probes for Waterquality, water-level. Long-Term, battery powered, GPRS solutions, wave monitoring

Temperature sensors and probes Sensors, Probes, Data Loggers, Temperature Strips, Thermocouple