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DKT200 Temperature Probe


The DKT200 temperature probe is designed for measurements under ambient temperature conditions.
Its temperature range is -40...+80°C while the DKT200-EXT can operate even at up to +150°C.
The probe's standard accuracy is +/-0.3°C - accuracy of 0.1°C can be realized on request.
Its analog output provides a 0-1V/0-5V/0-10V signal or 4-20mA with an additional PCB.
A model with digital output (RS232, RS485 or USB) is also available.

Energy Efficient Technology
The DKT200 is especially adapted for applications with little to no power supply (data loggers, battery-driven hand-held instruments). 3V/500µA are enough to sustain operation.

  • Miniaturized probe with integrated eletronic circuits
  • Analog output (0-1V, 0-5V, 0-10V or 4-20mA with additional PCB)
  • Fast response time (Air temperature probe: 10 s)
  • Low current consumption --> perfect for use with data loggers!
  • Large temperature range (-50...+150°C)
  • Budget-friendly
  • Robust plug-in type stainless steel probe
Temperature probe DKT200can be used wherever energy-efficient and cost-efficient solutions with high accuracy are needed:
* Weather stations
* Data loggers
* Automation processes
* Climate chambers/Climate cabinets
* Instruments (e. g. hand-held)
* Science and Research

Miniaturized Design

The DKT200 probe's small dimensions and robust design are among its outstanding features. The entire electronic circuits are integrated in the small stainless steel pipe. It is has a plug-in connection for the cable can be used with different cable lengths.
A diameter of only 8mm and a length of only 101mm make a broad range of potential applications possible.
Two models are available:
The DKT200-O is designed for use in air or gases. Its tip is slotted for fast response times.
The DKT200-G has a watertight tip and can be used in fluids.

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