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Measuring temperature exactly is essential not only in most industrial processes and research but also in many fields of everyday life. As diverse as the fields of application are, as diverse are the requirements to which temperature measuring equipment is subjected.
Our comprehensive product range contains platinum instrument shunts, thermo couples and thermistors in various shapes and sizes meeting all demands and offering providing adequate solutions.

Should you require specifications other than the given values, we'll provide custom-made products on request.

All-purpose Temperature Probes

All-purpose probes are the right choice if you need well-priced probes with good response time. They can be used in air, vapors, liquids, powder and also in refrigerators and freezers.

These probes are quite robust, their housing is made of stainless steel and they come with a rounded tip. All-purpose probes include thermocouples, thermistors, Pt100 and Pt1000 RTDs. Probes with the -EU suffix are best suited for surface temperature measurements.
Typical applications are environmental studies, control in HVAC, engines, production and drying processes.

Miniaturized Special Probes

Customers who need especially small probes, such as veterinaries, zoologists or botanists, find special probes in the Driesen+Kern GmbH product line of temperature sensors.
Within this category you'll find syringe probes, catheter probes and ambient temperature probes for microclimate surveys/monitoring. Special probes are available as thermocouple or as thermistor.
Differen cables and connectors are available as well.


Typische Applikationen finden sich in der Zoologie,
Veterinärmedizin, Botanik, Mikro-Klima Untersuchung.
Type DS- Spezialsonde "Spritzen"-Sonde
Type FM- Special probe "catheter probe"
Type DM- Special probe "Syringe probe"
Type FF- Special probe "Catheter probe"
Type AG- Ambient temperature probe

Thermocouple Sensors

This type of temperature sensor is well suited for operation in a variety of applications but it distinguishes itself at high-temperature applications.
With the bascis probes, which feature the best response times, the two thermocouple wires are welded at the tip.
They can be delivered with cable types PVC, PFA and PTFE each with various lengths.
But they're also available with protective probe pipes/tubings for immersion in liquids and improved stability.

Sheathed Thermocouples

Sheathed thermocouples can be used in a range at to 1100°C. The soldered tip is protected by a bendable metal tubing.
These sheathed thermocouples can be manufactured with lengths of up to several meters in order to protect the cable which would otherwise be affected by the high temperatures.
Potential applications include trailing cables in furnace processes. Sheathed thermocouples are extremely robust and flexible.
They are available either with a connector (MB order code) or with open wires (MA order code).

Mineral insulated thermocouples are specifically designed for industrial applications featuring a stainless steel shaft and a robust bodies for the head-mounted transducer.
The head-mounted transducer can be exchanged during operation with the help of so called thermo pouches.

Penetration Probes

These robust penetration probes are the best choice if you have to perform measurements in frozen food, in the ground or in ice.
The probe's tubing has puncturing tip helping the probe to be inserted to and removed from even frozen objects.

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