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Thermocouple are electrical devices consisting of two conductors made from different materials forming electrical junctions at differing temperatures. A thermocouple produces a temperature-dependent voltage and this voltage can be interpreted to measure temperature. Driesen+Kern GmbH offers thermocouples for various measurement tasks.
Insulation is chosen based on the customer-specific requirements. In addition, we offer thermocouple sockets for mounting on a printed borad and thermocouple connectors for all purposes.

Industrial Applications

Thermocouples are used for measuring differences in temperature.
In this case we distinguish between absolute temperature measurements and averaged temperature differences.
In scorching heat such as in furnaces, appropriate thermocouples can deliver required measurement data and thus help ensure the required paraemters.
Laser power meters and IR sensors often have several thermocouples series-connected to build a thermopile. This improves measurements substantially.
Because of their comparatively low cost and high level of robustness they are widely used as disposable sensors when pouring concrete or screed.

Scientific and Exceptional Applications

Another purpose for thermocouples is their use as thermoelectric generators. In this case semiconductors are used as thermoelectric material instead of metal.
Although rather an old principle, no other technique ha proven as simple yet comparatively reliable and long-lasting.
Thermocouples by Driesen+Kern GmbH are used in space probes and other applications where solar power cannot sustain power supply.
Thermocouples are widely used in emissions testing, particularly the optimization of fuel consumption of cars through converting residual heat into electricity.
Power plants, colocation centers, manufacturing plants and furnaces also put thermocouples to use.
Gas stoves or heaters produce heat through a flame. This is monitored by a thermocouple which can disrupt the fuel supply immediately without requiring auxiliary power.

Probes, Connectors, Cables

Driesen+Kern GmbH offers a variety of thermocouple cables and connectors of Types K, T and J with different insulation (PVC, PTFE PFA).
Of course, suitable connectors and sockets as well as ready to use sheathed thermocouples are available.
See our brochure for the entire range of products.

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