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Data Logger DCXP

Long-term Measurements with the DCXP

The Driesen+Kern GmbH DataCollectorXP is a 8 or 16 channel data logger for a variety of probes and signals.
The battery operated logger has an ultra-low power consumption to allow for long-term measurements (i.e. several years)
Besides the easy to use touch-screen the DataCollectorXP comes with a comprehensive and powerful software for controlling the device, downloading and analysing data. The software works on PCs, notebooks and tablets with Windows operating systems.
Four models are available: DCXP with 8 or 16 flexible inputs with terminal blocks and DCXP-R with 8 or 16 special connectors compatible to our product line of DK3xx and DK6xx loggers with 2 or 3 inputs.

Datenlogger DCXP - Eingangsbuchsen mit Stecker

With the DCXP the probes are connected to flexible input sockets (terminal bnlocks) on the rear side whereas the DCXP-R connecting sockets are on the top of the housing and are compatible with the "rugged" models DK6xx and DK3xx.
Both the DCXP and the DCXP-R are available with either 8 or 16 inputs: DCXP8, DCXP16 and DCXP8-R and DCXP16-R.

Connectable Probes

Driesen+Kern GmbH offers a variety of probes such as PT100/PT1000 for temperature, strain gauges, transducers for pressure, force, radiation and air velocity for connection with the DataCollectorXP.
Using the DKCI/DKCU cables standard analog signals (0-1V/5V/10V4-20mA) can be connected. Refer to the DCXP, DCXP-R data sheet for our comprehensive range of probes.

· Research and development
· Process optimization
· Monitoring of environmental parameters
· Quality assurance
· Climate studies
· Building restoration

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