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Datalogger for voltage current and more

"rugged Plus" Datalogger with flexible inputs for voltage, current, resistance, pulse, strain gauge, temperature etc.

"MultiLog rugged blue" datalogger models DK336 and DK337 datalogger for voltage and current and many more electrical parameters.
They have two terminal block inputs to connect any type of electrical signal such as current, voltage, Pulse count, resistance, strain gauge.
Furthermore you may use the loggers with temperature probes type PT100/PT1000/Termistor as well as Humidity and temperature (digital probes).

Both models are freely configurable, so you may select from a variety of ranges (0..1V/0..5V/0..10V oder 0...20mA....) as well as above inputs.
You may configure engineering units to use them with any third-party device.

Outdoor use

Logger for electrical signals - for outdoor use

Above models need additional protection if used outside in harsh conditions, as they are not IP65 protected and humidity/ water might get into the housing.
Alternatively, there are "MultiLog rugged wihite" models avalable. The loggers type DK311,312,390,391 may as well be used for measuring any kind of electrical signal but are IP65 protected.
They have special small connectors, which will require connection cables (i.e. type DKC-S, DKC-U-4, DKC-I-4).
Some models of the "rugged Plus" series also have internal sensors (humdity, temperature, barometric pressure...) and may ultimately be used for climate research!

  • Datalogger for current, voltage, resistance, pulse count, Strain gauge, temperature
  • flexible inputs
  • 20 bit resolution
  • 4 Millionen readings
  • Sample rate 1 Sek....24 hours /Fastmode 32 Hz
  • affordable price
  • rugged design
  • long battery life

Intuitive Software
The Software InfraLog für Windows automatically detects the type of logger connected to the USB-port of your PC/Notebook or windows based tablet.
All parameters can easily be configured: Simply select logging interval, start time and enter a description for you measurement campaign. Define alarm thresholds for connected sensors. Download data afterwards and display them, export them to MS-Excel or graph them directly in InfraLog.

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