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InfraLog for Windows with many language options

InfraLog 5.0
The software InfraLog provides EASY, SECURE & CONVENIENT control for all Driesen+Kern dataloggers.
InfraLog is available in three versions: Basic (free to download here) , Light and Enhanced (both optionally available) each with a
different number of features.

Features of InfraLog -Basic-
Setup, start, stop, download, export, view tables
Long file names
Extra fast conversion times (export to ASCII)
Online readings

Features of InfraLog -Light-
All features of the -Basic- Version plus
Graphical analysis of data with the following tools:
Three scaleable Y axes with zooming function
Meter-rerading at the cursor
Display as spreadsheets
Combine a series of measurements in one chart
Definition of thresholds
y/t charts (readings over time)
Statistics (min, max and average values)

Features of InfraLog -enhanced-
All features of the -Light- Version plus
y/x charts (values over values)
Formula compiler calculates any derived variables
Allocation of up to 12 channels
Generate daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports
Specify beginning and end of analyzed period
Input of analysis interval
Print settings