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Robust Data Logger "rugged Visual"

Multi-Channel Data Logger DK650 “rugged-Visual” with Internal and External Sensors

The “rugged-Visual” series by Driesen+Kern GmbH sets standards for customizable data acquisition.
In addition to ist five integrated sensors for humidity, temperature, barometric pressure, light, and differential pressure the device offers three input slots for external probes or analogue signals.
All three slots can be completely configured by the user - hence you don’t need to tie yourself down beforehand, but rather you can customize the “rugged-Visual” according to your measuring task.
The robust logger stores up to 4 million readings and its freely selectable sampling interval reaches from 32 Hz to 24 hours. Using modern low power technologies the device can perform continuous operation for up to 4 years with only one standard lithium battery.

An internal back up system provides several days of continued logging in case the battery is completely drained. Of course, you can always replace the battery. Simply start the “rugged Visutal” logger with its button or set up a delayed start time with a computer, and see the values on the digital display! If the LCD is always supposed to be on connect the logger to the external power supply (e.g. over USB).


  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Condensation
  • Barometric pressure
  • Differential pressure
  • Light
  • Acceleration
  • Analog signale (voltage · current · pulse)


  • LCD
  • Fast power-on by the push of a button
  • Up to 11 channels in one miniaturized device
  • 5 integrated sensors
  • 3 configurable inputs
  • Optional wireless sensor
  • Robust logger
  • Shock-proof IP65 protected housing
  • High accuracy (24 bit A/D!)
  • "Continuous" and "stop-when-full" memory modes
  • Memory capacity for up to 4 million readings
  • Battery level indicator
  • Battery life 4 years
  • Dual alarm function
  • LED and switiching output
  • CO2 measurements at -25°C...+55°C

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