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Temperature Probes

temperature probes

Selection of probes based on Pt100/Pt1000, thermistors or thermocouples

Platinum Temperature Sensor (Pt100/Pt1000)
Platinum measuring resistors incorporate a Pt100 or Pt1000 sensor with 1/3 DIN accuracy. They are available in two-wire and also four-wire technique when power resistance needs to be compensated for. Platinum sensors can operate within the range of -50°C...+400°C while still maintaining high accuracy and long-term stability.

Thermocouples are suitable for a broad temperature range between -25°C and +1100°C. They feature a fast response time and can be used for applications in hard to reach spaces or for rough, industrial applications.

Thermistors are sensors based on metal oxide semiconductors which produce a much larger change in signal when temperatur changes occur. Their operating range is -50°C...+150°C. They come in miniaturized design, helping their fast response time. Due to the thermistor's high resistance the effect of power resistance is reduced and probes with longer cables can be used without creating significant error sources.
Small thermistors (Type S and SU) are particularly suitable for miniaturized probes in steel pipes or tubings.

Which cable you need to use depends on the chosen probe, sensor model and application conditions.


The probes can be fitted with different connectors. Stereo jack, LEMO connectors or miniaturized ISA connectors are available. Customer-specific connector types can be fitted on request.

All-purpose Probes

Robust, fast response time, stainless steel, rounded tip. Typical applications in air, vapors, liquids, powder, refridgerators, freezers, etc.  
Type CS- All-purpose probe
Type CM- All-purpose probe
Type CH- All-purpose probe with handle
Type CT- All-purpose probe
Type TH- All-purpose probe
Type EU- All-purpose probe

Special Probes, Miniaturized

Typical fields of application are zoology, veterinary medicine, botany, microclimate studies.  
Type DS- Special probe "Syringe probe"
Type FM- Special Probe "Catheter probe"
Type DM- Special probe "Syringe probe"
Type FF- Special probe "Catheter probe"
Type AG- Ambient temperature probe

Sheathed Thermocouples

Stainless steel probe with welded, round tip. PVC cable for connection (2m) with open ends. Suitable for basic industrial applications.  
Type L- Sheathed thermocouple
Type M- Sheathed thermocouple

Penetration Probes

Stainless steel pipe probe, sturdy handle for easy insertion and extraction in/from solid material. Potential sample objects are frozen food, ground or ice.  
Type HS- Penetration probe
Type CMP- Penetration probe