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Water Quality, Water Level, Dissolved O2, pH, Conductivity, Temperature

Data Logger with GPRS Data Transmission

The Data Logger Series DK-3000-GPRS is perfectly suitable for long-term measurements of several parameters such as water level, pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and temperature.
The readings are taken at a user-selectable interval and can later be uploaded to a web server, e. g. all the data of a single day at once. Of course the data transmission can be set to shorter (up to 60 seconds) or longer intervals.

The server hosting the uploaded data usually uses FTP and can additionally provide a password protected login.If you don’t want to set up your own FTP server, you can rent online storage on a Driesen+Kern server
The logger housing contains the GRPS modem as well as the long life battery which ensures low maintenance operation for serveral years


  • Built-in GPRS modem for data transmission to a web server
  • LongLife battery for maintenance free operation (2 years @ data transfer once a day)
  • Password proected access to your measurement data online
  • Long-term measurements in remote areas

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