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Infralog Update

The InfraLog for Windows software is subject to continuous updating, thus ensuring compatibility for most operating systems.
Since version 4 comprehensive diagrams are available (InfraLog light), which requires an upgrade with costs from older versions.

Please note that InfraLog V5 does not support several older loggers.
Download the latest InfraLog for Windows version here:

Software Operating System Compatibility
InfraLog V5 WinXP (32bit & 64bit), Win7, Win8 "rugged plus"-Logger DK3xx, DK65x, DK660, Water Logger Series 30x0, MikroLog2, MikroLog RDG, DK8040
InfraLog V4 WinXP (32bit) , Win7 (only XP-Mode) MikroLog V1 , P-Log2002 models up to 2010 , HumiLog126/127, WXT5500, DK302/DK303, DK812, DK706